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Who We Are

Janice and her dogs

Dog Behavior Solutions, Inc. is a licensed and insured business specializing in dog behavior modification services. While practicing law, Janice Triptow began training her own dogs in 1992. She started instructing dog training classes in 1997 and has been offering in-home behavior consultation and behavior modification services since 1999.

Janice Triptow

Janice and a goldenJanice Triptow, JD, CDBC, CPDT-KA has been training dogs and their people since 1997. As a certified professional dog behavior consultant (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and dog trainer (Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers) she offers a variety of mainstream and specialty classes, workshops and lectures through Dog Behavior Solutions, Inc.

She performs behavior evaluations and prepares individual behavior modification protocols for people working with adopted/pet dogs as well as for volunteers working with dogs in large city shelters, rescue groups and foster homes.  She also performs dog behavior assessments for government and private child adoption agencies and consults with city shelters, private shelters and rescues on their best housing, behavior and training, adoption and volunteer management practices.

As Safe Humane Chicago’s Manager of Behavior and Training (SHC), Janice handles: the assessments/ training of Chicago’s court case before and after shelter transfer and the volunteers who help these dogs transition from shelter to home life; the coordination of post-transfer training support for court case dogs; the training of volunteers for and management of SHC’s shelter dog playgroups program at Animal Care and Control (ACC); the training of ACC and SHC volunteers in dog handling and training; the training of both the volunteers who assist incarcerated juveniles train shelter dogs and the incarcerated juveniles themselves during and then after incarceration in an internship program; the selection and training of court case dogs and volunteers for participation in the SHC Veterans program at ACC; SHC sponsored pup/adult classes in at risk communities; and she assesses pet dog and handler teams who wish to take part in SHC’s Ambassador Dog Programs. Janice participates with her own dog in SHC programs for toddlers through teens in at risk community schools and helps with Chicago Police roll call training by sharing dog handling, reading dog body language and behavior tips.

Janice trains service dogs, is a certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Over the years, Janice has taught classes and earned championship and other titles with her own dogs in agility, rally obedience, formal obedience and canine scent work.  She is honored   to have received the 2012 Association of Pet Dog Trainers National Community Educator of the year award for helping to ensure that responsible dog training is available to all reaches of her community.  Janice teaches classes at and for a variety of facilities in the Chicago area.  She remains a perpetual student of behavior and training by staying enrolled in a number of classes with her four dogs, competing with them in a variety of canine sports and since 1997, by attending dog behavior and training seminars across the country.


Megan Ores-Uhrich

Meghan Ores-UhrichMegan has been teaching Dog Behavior Solutions students with and for Janice for several years. Fortunately for our students, she brings her valuable insight, as well as communication, observation and handling skills to each class she teaches.

More about Megan

I began living with, studying and working with dogs 10 years ago. In addition to creating a successful dog walking service and wrangling dogs at a popular dog daycare, I completed three separate internships with highly respected dog training schools. In 2004, I began teaching dog training classes as a primary instructor as well as working as a behavior specialist in the AntiCruelty Society Behavior and Training department.

I currently split my time between teaching group classes, private lessons and working with the pit bull adoption program at ACS. In 2008 I became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. I am also a CGC evaluator, flyball competitor and terrier enthusiast.  I believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for dogs and their guardians.

It is only through exploring, enriching and developing your relationship/bond with your dog that you can truly begin to understand and appreciate what an incredible species dogs are.


Rachel Findley

Rachel FindleyRachel is very excited to be part of the Dog Behavior Solutions team. After spending 6 years performing in the circus with her husband, Rachel transitioned to a life committed to dog rescue and training.

She has been coordinating playgroups with Chicago Canine Rescue and Chicago Animal Care and Control for the last two years.

She has also been involved with training and behavior for ALIVE, another Chicago rescue. Through her relationship with Safe Humane Chicago, Rachel interned at the South Hampton Animal Shelter in New York learning about how to run playgroups and work with dogs with behavioral issues.

Rachel's dedication to rescue also landed her, her most recent assignment at Chicago Canine Rescue, where she is the Adoption Coordinator for the 100+ dogs in Chicago Canine Rescue’s care. She also helps coordinate the work of a team of volunteers at CCR, who help train and work with the dogs sheltered there.

Rachel adopted her 21st foster dog for the benefit of her resident dog and cat. Rachel’s commitment to dog training brought her to Dog Behavior Solutions for whom she teaches classes and offers private, in-home sessions. Rachel is the ultimate dog lover and hopes to continue helping families and their dogs for years to come.



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