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About Dog Behavior Solutions


photo1Unwanted behaviors from our pets can cross a broad spectrum - from annoying (jumping up) to dangerous (aggression). In some cases, all that is needed are helpful management tips or simple explanations on how to go about training our pets to do something different. However, in many cases, modifying behaviors can be more daunting.

Based upon my experience and after studying the concepts of animal learning theory, I believe in using reward-based methods of teaching alternative behaviors in order to encourage dogs to repeat conduct we like and request and abandoned that which is unwanted. Towards that end, I instruct people on how best to manage their dogs' access to resources, to teach their dogs self-control and how to encourage the practice of having their dogs defer to them for guidance and instruction in all environments, including those which are most challenging.

Dogs are not "static" beings. They develop behaviorally from the time they enter your home until they pass away. I counsel and train you, the human member of the "team." When our visits stop, you can identify and prevent unwanted behaviors from developing and you can troubleshoot your way through future behavioral challenges that you will undoubtedly face with your pet. Because people learn differently, enjoy different life-styles and express different comfort-levels with the issues they face with their pets, the "one-size-fits-all" approach to problem-solving the sometimes difficult behaviors of animate beings is not the most successful. Individual training and the breadth of my experience with breeds, issues and clients, allows me to tailor my teaching styles to fit the specific needs of specific situations. I will work with you and your dog where the problems arise -- out on the street, in the park, while traveling, in class or at dog-sport competitions.

After gathering and analyzing the necessary data, I will help you determine how best to work at changing your dog's responses to different stimuli and then outline, with your input, a step-by-step modification program.

I assist dogs with and without veterinary-prescribed medications and construct sensible management plans to assist you in achieving the best results while the sometimes difficult work of behavior modification is on-going.



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