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Is Your...

Dog exhibiting what you think are fearful, anxious or aggressive behaviors?

Puppy chewing things she shouldn't, jumping up or having house-training accidents?

Are you...

Having issues within your multi-dog or multi-pet/species household?

Thinking about adopting a dog and need some help with the selection process or have you just adopted a dog and need some help getting settled in?

Do you...

Need help with some aspect of you and your dog's participation in a dog-sport?

Want to prepare your dog to earn the Canine Good Citizen certification or get him tested for that certification?


Then schedule an appointment with Janice and find out what you can do to address these issues.

Behavior Evaluations

In-home behavior evaluations can be conducted to help determine: the significance or implications of particular behaviors; the most effective manner in which to try to change behaviors; or to indicate how your dog might be expected to behave under specific circumstances in the future, i.e., around resources, in the presence of strangers, or when he is frustrated or fearful, etc.

Based upon consultations with you and your family members, which often include an analysis of a written history from you and an in-home visit Janice observes and when appropriate, handles your dog. During this evaluation she will give you her preliminary assessment of your dog’s behaviors.

Whatever has prompted the evaluation, Janice will help you assess your risks, consider all your options, set reasonable goals for modifying unwanted behaviors, install immediate management measures to facilitate the modification process, and introduce starter exercises to set you on your way to a more rewarding and positive relationship with your pet.

Behavior Modification

Modification is rarely, if ever, effortless or convenient. Successful students should be committed. The instructive protocol which Janice designs and you implement in order to try and change your dog’s current behavior problems, might include some of the following: certain suggested management measures, practicing particular behavior exercises on a regular basis with your dog, making some reasonable life-style changes, checking with your veterinarian regarding certain potentially problematic issues, paying closer attention to and learning about your dog’s methods of communicating with you, or even instruction on some helpful obedience cues.

Janice will teach you how to teach your dog. While the human guardian is far from the only factor which determines success, he/she remains the most significant.

Behavior Evaluations for Rescue groups

Janice offers substantial discounts for behavioral screenings of individual dogs for the benefit of rescue groups.

Seminars and Lectures

Janice is available to speak to various groups including the public, shelter/rescue groups, dog clubs, and veterinary or doggie daycare personnel, regarding a variety of behavior and training topics


Please view our class descriptions as well as when they are offered.

Puppy Starter Consult

If you are expecting the arrival of or have just gotten a puppy and you need help setting up the basics: crating; pottying; feeding; house practices and privileges; addressing chewing/mouthing; leash walking; or understanding: how to play, what are appropriate early socialization practices, grooming and husbandry conditioning, basic applicable safety principles, when/what to start training, how humans should best interact with puppies, … etc. then set up a puppy starter consultation.

Canine Good Citizen Preparation and Testing

The Canine Good Citizen Certificate is a certificate awarded by the American Kennel Club to any breed of dog who can pass 10 specific tests which demonstrate that your dog is a polite canine member of his community.

This certificate can put you in good stead with a landlord or perhaps even your insurance company, as evidence of your dog’s good behavior. Review the CGC section of the AKC Website for more details.

If you are interested in obtaining the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen certificate and need some help in preparing for the test or you need the test administered to your dog, Janice is a certified CGC evaluator and can perform the test for you.

Pre-Adoption Counseling

Do you want your next pet to come from a rescue group or shelter but aren’t sure how to go about selecting one with the greatest chance at a lasting fit?

Set up a Pre-Adoption appointment and learn how to go about using your local shelter or rescue group as an appropriate resource for finding your next best friend.

Adoption Selection

If you have found a candidate at your shelter or elsewhere or you’ve brought a candidate home already for a trial run and you need some help assessing whether he/she represents a good choice for that possible permanent addition, let Janice help you.

Behavioral Wellness

Is your dog "issue-free?" Why not do all you can to ensure that you and your dog's relationship remains healthy for the foreseeable future? Consider scheduling a "behavioral wellness" session.

At the initial visit, which lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours, Janice will review the multi-faceted dimensions of your relationship with your dog (at play, in others' homes, amongst other species) and provide you with specific recommendations on how to prevent or spot unwanted behaviors before they become problematic.

Janice further offers clients the option of pre-paying for "Behavioral-Wellness" packages which include discounted or free visits to those who have achieved a sufficient level of improvement with regard to their dog's issues that only check-ups are necessary or for those who have already availed themselves of DBS's non-behavior services.



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