Dog Behavior Solutions Inc. provides a variety of services to the public regarding the health and welfare of dogs and their families or caretakers including behavior assessments, behavior modification protocols, class instruction, pet selection, best practices for shelters and rescue groups, and expert witness consulting.

Behavior Assessments


Behavior assessments help us project a dog’s future behaviors as well as prepare the most effective plan for changing behaviors. Our personal visit with you and your dog includes an analysis of the history you provide and an outline of the best short-term management and longer-term training plans to address your prioritized issues. The first session includes best practices and beginner exercises for you to get started on right away.

Behavior Modification


Committed students are required to achieve a successful behavior modification protocol that improves the relationships between pets and between pets and their humans. The instructive protocol which we design and you implement to address your dog’s current behavior issues might include: management measures, regular practice of particular skills and exercises with your dog, reasonable life-style changes, checking with your veterinarian, and learning to better understand your dog’s communication system.

Virtual Consultations


Virtual-video and phone consultations are currently available mediums for all instruction. Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops and classes

Behavior Assessments for Shelters and Rescues


We offer behavior assessments of and modification protocols for individual dogs in the care of shelters and rescue groups.

Seminars and Lectures


We can address various populations including the public, homeowner, or other associations, shelter/rescue groups, dog clubs, veterinary practices, or dog daycare personnel regarding many different behavior and training topics.



Please view our list of classes which address behavior, manners, obedience and dog sports

Puppy Starter Consult


If you are expecting or celebrating the arrival of a new puppy, set up a puppy starter consultation for comprehensive help with arranging and strategizing the basics.

Pre-Adoption Counseling


Let us help you select your next dog from a rescue group, shelter, or breeder with the greatest chance at a long-lasting and loving fit.

Adoption Selection


If you have already found a candidate at your shelter or elsewhere or you’ve brought one home, let us help you assess whether he/she is a good choice for that possible permanent addition.

Canine Good Citizen Preparation


The Canine Good Citizen Certificate is a certificate awarded by the American Kennel Club to any breed of dog who can pass 10 specific tests which demonstrate that your dog is a polite canine member of his community.

This certificate can put you in good stead with a landlord or perhaps even your insurance company, as evidence of your dog’s good behavior. Review the CGC section of the AKC Website for more details.

If you are interested in obtaining the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen certificate and need some help in preparing for the test, we can help.

Expert Consulting


Janice has testified as a dog behavior expert in civil suits and administrative hearings

Community Work


As the Manager of Behavior and Training for Safe Humane Chicago Janice works closely with Chicago Animal Care and Control to improve the lives of animals by training volunteers, assessing shelter dogs, and assisting them with behavior and training support during and after their shelter stay.